Figuring out what  you need isn’t always exactly clear.

Technology moves fast and our mission is to keep up.

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~Strategy Session~


This is where we work to understand your vision and goals. We will see if we work well together and develop a basis for our future communications. It can range from 30-90 minutes depending on how well your concept is defined.

The outline of this meeting will determine our initial understanding of your project. If we take an interest in your project, we may negotiate an equity piece to help lower the cost of development or help you find other creative solutions so you can move forward.




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~Planning Meetings~


Once we determine that we can benefit each other by working together effectively, we will have a planning meeting. During this meeting, we explore the details of your project. This is the beginning of the strategy part of development.

This involves a LOT of questions about details where we are asking you to define all the specifics that you might assume we already understand. It can also involve brainstorming about additional aspects of the project ( such as branding/marketing, planning, additional features, etc).  In this session we will do a fair amount of strategy and discuss fine points such as the app store guidelines for submission and whether we believe that your finished application will be approved by the App Store curation team. The fee for this meeting is $125 hourly so the more precise and clear your vision is, the more we can accomplish.


















iOS Application Development


~ Scope of Work Document ~

The goal of the planning meetings is to finalize the flow and features of your development project and outline them in a document. A scope of work document is a comprehensive synopsis of the features you want, and how you want them implemented. This information is assembled in a way that developers can very quickly assess what skill sets they need to implement the project. If you decide to manage the project yourself, you can use this document as the main supporting document.


~ Development ~ 

Our trusted developers start working on your code, performing frequent tests for functionality and iterative analysis considering functionality and strategic implementation.



Website Development, Updates or Maintenance


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Website development can be accomplished without excessive planning meetings.


We do recommend at least one planning meeting to solidify your sites’ goals.
This way you will be following a cohesive structure that will make sense to your
viewers. Building a focused structure gives you options for directing site views
through landing pages and paths. Incredibly useful for conducting marketing
testing on your site.


Generally once we have started working together with a clear list of goals, copy,
images, etc. We can agree on milestones and adjust design/ content as needed.